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Learn English Through Story – The best way to learn a language is to follow the text in a book as it is read by a native speaker.

Follow texts with British children’s author and illustrator, Shoo Rayner, as he reads his own books and classic English texts.

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The Big Fight – A Viking Vik Story

This is a Viking Vik Story – Freya has challenged Vik and Wulf to a contest. They have to eat the most disgusting things she can find. But will Wulf eat his fill fairly and squarely, and will Vik triumph in the end?

Viking Vik stories are written for newly confident readers, with high story interest and easy text. Follow along with the story as I read the story.

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Ricky Rocket Up & Away

This is the day that Ricky learn to fly his rocket without stabilisers – with a little “help” from his dad. It’s a day that is is totally B.U.M. Brilliantly, Utterly, Magnificent!

Read along with children’s author and illustrator, Shoo Rayner, as he tells the tale of Ricky Rocket, who lives on the planet Hammerhead in the year 3000.

There are eight Ricky Rocket Stories that are perfect for newly confident or reluctant readers. The language is chosen to make it easy to read alone while engaging the reader with high interest story content. Clear text and fun illustrations on every page make these books the perfect choice for beginners, newly confident and reluctant readers. Get this book from amazon

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